Should I Stay Married? Or Should I Go?

    • Do you feel trapped?
    • Do you wonder, “Is this all there is?”
    • Do you find yourself wondering, “Would my life be better without him in it? Would I be better off alone?”
    • Have you ever asked, “Is this what a good marriage looks like?”
    • Is it time to adjust your priorities?
    • Are you often angry? Do you fight over nothing?
    • Are you committed to making it work, but not sure what you can do?


  • Do you keep attracting Mr Wrong instead of Mr Right?
  • Have you been living your life to satisfy other people’s expectations and not your own?
  • Do you wonder if love is still possible?
  • How can you get the love and attention you deserve? What will it take for him to appreciate you?
  • Are you done with it and just ready to move on?
  • Have you questioned, How is this relationship affecting my children? What message am I sending them?
  • Does fear of being alone, or are financial concerns, stopping you from making a decision?
  • Do the little things about him drive you crazy?

You are not alone. Many women have faced these questions and the accompanying self doubt at some point in their marriage.
I can help you end the confusion and move forward with confidence, clarity and peace of mind.



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